Friday, June 21, 2013

The Indigo Sessions

Welcome to the Indigo Sessions.
I currently have a 30 gallon vat in my studio.  I work outdoors so take the season  into consideration.  I offer 2 hour sessions with my hand on assistance with the Indigo vat.  Bring whatever you would like to try to dye, protein and animal fibers work best and there is a special place for viscose rayon, as it tends to do well.
Cotton, silk, wool, viscose rayon><old t-shirt, pant, dress, cloth bits.
Wear socks or shoes you don't mind a few drips on, and bring a pot or bag to leave with your goods.
I charge $75 dollars for each person per session.
Sessions are limited to two people per session.
Sessions typically happen Thursday though Sunday 9- 11 AM.
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